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Altus Bilişim was founded in 2008 to offer "quality services" and as today is among the leading companies in its field.

We pride ourselves on our references and the volume of the operation managed by us.

We provide services through 32 service centers covering 81 cities with a technical staff of more than 130 members...

Currently, our operation comprises;

more than 70,000 PCs;
more than 30,000 printers;
more than 6,000 servers;
more than 10,000 network equipment;
more than 6,500 ATMs...

We can also boast of our engagement in software development and operation of the “private cloud” project, the largest one in Turkey, accommodating more than 80,000 registered users.

Drawing on our customers’ honorable trust, we are invigorated by our achievements and motivated to provide you “higher quality services

The Altus Bilişim Team is committed to become an integral part of your business processes, with our country-wide service network and the high capacity of our competent and experienced personnel.

Yours sincerely,

The Altus Bilişim Team

Quality Approach

Altus Bilişim pursues a quality policy which prioritizes continuous improvement and ensures customized services for you. We strive to fulfill customer requirements and expectations, while putting a special emphasis on employee satisfaction, in order to generate efficient and prolific output.

Altus Bilişim enforces this signature quality process with certifications.

Altus Bilişim also boasts a Service Location Competence Certificate by the Turkish Standards Institution, which is another proof of the reliability of its services...

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System:

ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems:

ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Information Security Management Systems:

ISO/IEC 20000-1:2005 Information Technology Service Management System:


Altus Bilişim’s services and solution-oriented skills cover leading brands of the field.

Altus Bilişim serves customers across 81 cities, through service offices in 32 cities, in order to provide the same level high quality independent of a location.

Altus Bilişim also owes its wide assortment of spare parts that comprises various vendor product families for its remarkable service quality in demanding projects.

Altus Bilişim considers that human capital is the most critical factor of a successfully executed project.

Therefore, Altus Bilişim continuously invests into human resources, in order to sustain “Customer Satisfaction,” and serves customers with a technical staff of more than 130 members, with their average sector experience exceeding 14 years.

Altus Bilişim's well-versed technical staff attends regular trainings on products within its service portfolio, thus ensuring reinforcement of practical skills with a theoretical perception and continuous update of certifications.

ATM Services

Altus Bilişim is vendor independent 3rd party ATM services company providing services including;

  • 7X24 call center assistance
  • Installation
  • De-installation and relocation
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Troubleshooting & fix
  • Spare parts supply
  • Reporting
  • Software upgrades

Desktop Management Services

Altus Bilişim offers services as well as troubleshooting, periodical maintenance and spare parts supply to your on site hardware and software in accordance with your predetermined service levels;

  • 7X24 call center assistance
  • On-site support & troubleshooting
  • Maintenance or Repair Services (Including/Excluding spare parts)
  • Monitoring or Reporting Services
  • Outsourcing
  • IMAC (Install, Move, Add, Change) Services

Network (Data and Voice) Management Services

Within the scope of “Network (Data and Voice) Management Services,” Altus Bilişim offers services across 81 cities for customers’ LAN and WAN infrastructures including;

  • 7X24 call center assistance
  • Network Planning & Design Services
  • Monitoring and Reporting Services
  • IMAC (Install, Move, Add, Change) Services
  • FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Access, Performance, Security) Services
  • Maintenance or Repair Services (Including/Excluding spare parts)
  • IP/PBX Infrastructure Management
  • On-site support and troubleshooting
  • Outsourcing

Software Development Services

Altus Bilişim’s experienced team develops innovative solutions for clients across various sectors for company specific requirements.

  • Application development and analysis
  • Internet and Intranet Applications (Java, JavaScript, Ajax, Hibernate, Struts, .NET)
  • e-Government applications
  • e-Business applications
  • ERP, CRM applications
  • Business intelligence applications
  • Cloud Computing and SaaS solutions
  • Maintenance, design and management of applications and databases
  • Application security and performance-tracking
  • On-site assistance and consulting

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tests

Altus Bilişim’s security’s consultants provide Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tests to any organization that wishes to reduce its exposure to threats. Altus Bilişim’s vulnerability assessment and penetration tests comprises below phases;

  • Visibility analysis
  • Scanning active devices
  • Scanning services
  • Scanning security technologies
  • Identification of an operation system
  • DMZ analysis
  • Application analysis
  • Evaluation of security problems
  • Detection and prioritization of security risks
  • Manual verification
  • Developing solutions and drawing up reports

Information Security Solutions

Rapid improvement of technologies and a boost in access alternatives continuously increase and complicate threats and vulnerabilities faced by information security.

Information security is a multi-layered structure, due to its unexceptional association with all the components within information technologies. This entails an outlook from an integral and wide perspective. That’s why; Altus Bilişim’s consultants have gained a distinctive position in the market.

By partnering with the leading vendors, Altus Bilişim offers end-to-end security solutions including followings

  • Installation, maintenance, management
  • Firewall solutions
  • IDS and IPS solutions
  • Antivirus solutions
  • Web and mail content filtering
  • Security tracking solutions
  • Log management solutions

Altus Bilişim also provides solutions for the liabilities which corporates should fulfill, pursuant to Law No. 5651, dated 4.5.2007, on the “Regulation Of Publications On The Internet And Combating the Crimes Committed By Means Of Such Publications,” also known by the sector with its shorter name, “5651.”

Unified Communication Solutions

Altus Bilişim has focused immensely on “Unified Communication Solutions,” as increasingly hectic business schedules bring about technologies that meet the gradually greater demand for executing out-of-office transactions and working regardless of time and place.

Relying on partnerships with the leading vendors, Altus Bilişim caters to customers’ communication demands arising from today’s business conditions.

Altus Bilişim’s portfolio of “unified communication solutions” briefly comprises;

  • Unified communications and collaboration infrastructure
  • IP telephony and VoIP Solutions
  • Turnkey installation/maintenance/management options

System Management Services

Leveraging partnerships with the leading vendors, Altus Bilişim can skillfully install and manage various product families, while offering customers;

  • 7X24 call center services
  • Data storage solutions and services
  • Services and solutions for virtualization
  • Consultancy for business continuity and disaster recovery centers
  • Consolidation, migration
  • Database management
  • Design, installation, operation
  • Hardware / Software supply
  • On-site support, troubleshooting, periodic maintenance including/excluding spare parts

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